Possibly the most diverse country Kenya is considered to be the centre of East Africa. It has numerous game reserves, huge numbers of animals and birds, mountains, rivers and beaches. The jewel in Kenya’s crown is the stunning Masai Mara which has been voted as one of the ‘Seven Natural Wonders of the World’. With around 50 tribes it is culturally diverse and promises to win a place in your heart. There are loads of fun activities to do and things to keep you busy, or you can just relax on one of Kenya’s beautiful white sandy beaches.

Mount Kenya

Highlights: Spectacular highland scenery, high altitude trek, wildlife and birds

Mt Kenya is Kenya's highest, and Africa's second highest mountain with an altitude of 5199m at the summit of Batian, 5189m at Nelion, and the third highest peak is Point Lenana at 4985m. The mountain is surrounded by the Mt Kenya National Park (715sq km) and is only 16km from the Equator and about 200km northeast from Nairobi; roughly three and a half hours drive.

The upper base of the mountain is nearly 100km across and is Kenya's most important water catchment area and has the largest forest reserve remaining. The area is also rich in farmland and on a drive to Mt Kenya from Nairobi you will see pineapple plantations, citrus orchards and tea and coffee farms.

The scenery on Mt Kenya is stunning and various, and includes waterfalls, valleys, glaciers, moraines, rock pinnacles and not forgetting the magnificent views from the summit - you can see Kilimanjaro on a clear day.  

The flora is a highlight for many people as the plant life changes dramatically as the altitude increases and depending on your route you can discover heather-covered moorland, bamboo forests as well as some extraordinary looking plants like the ostrich-feathered lobelia and the artichoke-like giant rosette plants. Many of these wildflowers and alpine plants are endemic to this area.

You make also be lucky enough to come across many animals including giant forest hog, rock hyrax, baboon, colobus monkey, elephant, buffalo, waterbuck, eland - and possibly the elusive leopard. There are also hundreds of species of birds to look out for - many small and brightly coloured.

There are many routes up and down the mountain, although the three most popular are:
Naro Moro: western side, less scenic, most direct, long vertical bog.
Chogoria: eastern side, very scenic, longer route, can require 4wd access to starting point.
Sirimon: northern approach, beautiful views, good for acclimatisation.

Regardless of route, we strongly recommend a six-day trek on Mt Kenya to give you the best opportunity to not only reach the summit, but enjoy the serenity of the mountain. Trekkers who ascend too quickly can suffer from altitude sickness.

Far less people climb mount Kenya than Kilimanjaro, but many who have who have conquered both say that Mt kenya is the most interesting and beautiful trek - more like a 'real mountain'.

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  • Countries: Kenya
  • Location: 150km northwest of Nairobi
  • Area: Altitude: 5,199m (17,057 ft)
  • Animals: Elephants, hyrax, buffalo, monkey, variety of antelope.
  • Accommodations: Dorm-style huts or camping.
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