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Photography - Wildebeest Travels

Special Interests

Help to make your special moments unforgettable. It is possible to host any special event in East Africa - whether a wedding, honeymoon, anniversay or birthday. Safaris and exotic beach locations are what dreams are made of, so why not combine these with one of your life’s memorable occassions.


Whether you are a leisure snapper, keen amateur or a professional, East Africa is a stunning destination with amazing 'Kodak moments'. You can choose to focus on wildlife, birds, landscapes, people or a combination of these which will form brilliant memories of your safari experience or a portfolio.

From the open savannah, unique wildlife, traditional tribes, beautiful lakes, dramatic mountains, spectacular birds, the potential for great shots is limitless.

We can help you plan a bespoke, private safari to destinations which will give you the opportunity and time to fulfil your safari dreams.

1. Have the correct equipment that can ensure that you can get the shots you desire. You will need a minimum 300mm lens for general wildlife, and 500mm for birds.
2. If you are using multiple lenses, it is ideal to have two camera bodies, so that you are not continually changing lenses - this will minimise dust getting into your equipment and also means you won't miss those great shots.
3. Book a private safari (just you or your group) staying for many nights at fewer destinations. This will ensure fewer interruptions and give you the time to sit and wait for those unique shots.
4. If you are travelling between locations, schedule this in the middle of the day when the light is not ideal for the best photography.
5. Make sure you have enough batteries as you may not have the opportunity to recharge throughout the day (only at night when you return to your camp).
6. If you have new equipment that you are bringing to use on safari, make sure you know how it works before you need to use it, or you could miss some great moments.
7. Have additional storage devices and a way to back up your photos.
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