Possibly the most diverse country Kenya is considered to be the centre of East Africa. It has numerous game reserves, huge numbers of animals and birds, mountains, rivers and beaches. The jewel in Kenya’s crown is the stunning Masai Mara which has been voted as one of the ‘Seven Natural Wonders of the World’. With around 50 tribes it is culturally diverse and promises to win a place in your heart. There are loads of fun activities to do and things to keep you busy, or you can just relax on one of Kenya’s beautiful white sandy beaches.

Kibale National Park

Highlights: Dramatic scenery, walk through the lower gorge, hot springs, walking amongst animals.

 Around ninety kilometres northwest of Nairobi, just south of the shores of Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate was established as a National Park in 1984, and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Kenyan Grand Canyon’. It is believed that this 15km-long gorge formed when Lake Naivasha overflowed more than 5000 years ago.

Home to two extinct volcanoes, Olkaria and Hobleys, Hell’s Gate still has evidence of its volcanic days, as it is covered in black volcanic glass and steaming geysers. It also has two volcanic plugs, Fischer’s Tower and Central Tower - it is possible to climb Fischer’s Tower, or at least have a go, for as little as $7.

The upper gorge is bound by 120m-high cliffs, but as you walk through the gorge and it narrows and deepens you will pass steam vents and hot springs. These provide the park with a valuable natural resource - geothermal energy. In the 1980s a power station was build to harness this energy and now provides Kenya with 15% of its power.

  • Countries: Kenya
  • Location: 90km north of Nairobi, just south of Lake Naivasha
  • Area: 68 sq km
  • Animals: Leopard, buffalo, giraffe, zebra,hyena, wildebeest, impala, gazelle, eland, waterbuck, dik dik, steinbuck, klipspringer, warthog, baboon, jackal, mongoose. There are lots of birds of prey including vultures, griffon, owl, eagle, lammergeyer.
  • Accommodations: There are only ‘rough’ camp sites in the National Park. If you want to camp you need to bring everything yourself.
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